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‘The information society’, also coined Society 4.0, brought us to a new dimension in which we live, work, and interact. We are now on the verge of a fifth societal revolution, driven by technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotisation and extended reality; a Society 5.0. 

How can the creative industry help guide these innovations towards the planet’s well-being?

This question is central to the Society 5.0 Festival. We ask creative professionals, like designers, (policy) makers, artists, technologists, hackers, and researchers, what role they can play to ensure a society based on public values and positive impact.

On Wednesday 9 and Thursday 10 October 2024, The Social Hub Amsterdam City will be the beating heart where the creative industry comes together to indulge in master classes, workshops, performances, interactive installations and a vibrant evening programme.

The Social Hub Amsterdam City

9-10 October 2024


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