The programme will be updated weekly. Make sure to check back and follow us, with many more joining in the weeks leading up to the festival.


Wessel Rooth

Wessel Rooth is a pianist as well as a student at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences studying Cyber Security.

Ashwin M. Gowrie

Ashwin M. Gowrie also known as Baya is a DJ as well as a student at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

Sander Veenhof
Digital artist

Since 2010 after graduating at the Gerrit Rietveld art academy in Amsterdam, Sander Veenhof has been living in his own AR universe. His foremost fascination with augmented reality is that it is a mechanism to turn the world into a fully programmable environment, materials and other people included. Although his curiosity is about the impact AR will have in our day to day life, his projects are often not the regular mixed reality use cases we hear about day by day. Using technology when it’s not ripe nor suitable helps Veenhof to explore domains that are not yet restricted by ‘best practices’ or other constraining insights. 

On Wednesday 12 October he’ll give the audience of Society 5.0 a peek into his perspective on the future. You’ll find out that you already have an avatar appearance to care about, or not. That’s up to you. But whether you become part of Veenhof’s local version of reality, that’s not really a choice you have.

OCT 2022